3 Free Online Monitoring and Evaluation Courses

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

I’ve been receiving requests for sources of fundamental of Monitoring and Evaluation courses. I dug through the web and was able to find the following 3.


1. M&E Fundamentals

Instructor: Nina Frankel and Anastasia Gage

  • Provider: Measure Evaluation

  • Objective: To learn the basic concepts of M&E


2. Designing and Implementing Monitoring & Evaluating Systems

  • Instructor: Aga Khan

  • Provider: Alison.com

  • Objective: To explore the fundamentals of designing and implementing a robust monitoring and evaluation system. From developing indicators to output monitoring tools


3. Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Instructor: FHI360

  • Provider: Philanthropy University

  • Objective: To learn how successful projects plan for data collection, management, analysis, and use


If you have other courses that can be useful for the community, drop in the comments!!